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Cisco TANDBERG Systems & Upgrades for Skype & iPhone Videoconferencing

Upgrade your existing Cisco TANDBERG System to add Skype iPhone, iPad, Laptop, PC, & Mac videoconferencing options (or any PC based system such as Google+, WebEx, etc.) . . . or get a complete new Cisco TANDBERG system with the Skype video upgrade included.

The VSS-1 & the VSS-1-HD Super Skype systems use the high quality Cisco TANDBERG Pan, Tilt, Zoom (PTZ) camera with presets, its remote control, its 360 degree table-top mic, and its large screen monitor  . . . to videoconference with remote users on PCs, Laptops, Macs  . . . and now on iPhones & iPads. Upgrade your board room, telepresence room,  conference room, meeting room or training room. Your room gets away from the limitations of the small screens, the mics and cameras on iPhones, Laptops and PCs.

The Cisco TANDBERG HD C40 System on a Skype video call using VSS-1

iPhone video from a C40 Skype video call

Skype Video participant in a TANDBERG C40 MultiSite video call

Video from Remote Site to C40 System

Video from C40 System to Remote Site

Remote Skype Participant in a multi-site call

Edge 95 Skype Setup Step 2

Edge 95 Skype Video Call Remote Site View

C20 Quick Set Skype Video Call Local View

For Cisco TANDBERG Videoconferencing Systems, the VSS-1 & the VSS-1-HD systems are compatible with any model with VCR, DVI, HDMI outputs -   including the following models:

  • 990 MXP, 880 MXP, 770 MXP, 550 MXP, Maestro HD, Codec C90 & Integration Package, Codec C60 & Integration Package, Codec C40 & Integrations Package, 6000 MXP Codec & Integration Package, 3000 MXP Codec & Integration, and other legacy SD models, and
  • Telepresence T3, T1, Profile, Profile 52" 6000 MXP, Profile 3000 MXP, Edge 95 MXP, Edge 85 MXP, and Edge 75 MXP.
  • Typically your conference room screens needs modern LCD's or plasmas or projectors that support PC or Laptop VGA, DVI, or HDMI video inputs.

The VSS-1 & the VSS-1-HD System provide upgrades for both Standard Definition (SD) systems & High Definition (HD) systems.

With the VSS-1 System up to 10 remote Skype users can also participate in MultiSite Group Video Calls (GVC) video calls with other TANDBERG and compatible systems.

With the VSS-1 System, in addition to the Skype Interface, you also get utilities to record video calls. Also you can stream out the live video sessions to up to 50 users on the web (the remote users can see the video using Windows Media Player) . . . or to many more remote viewers via Ustream services, etc.

Microsoft Skype benefits include up to 1080p secure videoconferencing, audio conferencing & collaboration on most device platforms including PCs Laptops, Macs, Apple & Android smart phones and tablets. Its a system that many people already know and use. Customers save on video and audio conferencing costs. They also can collaborate using powerful tools such as IM, SMS text, screen sharing and file sharing. Skype can support up to 10 video users on a single conference, and 25 audio conference users.

  • the current Skype version is supported - i.e. version 6.9 as of October 2013.
  • Control the VSS-1 Super Skype System from your iPad or iPhone or Android from around the room or anywhere. Initiate the calls, preview the video that's on the conference room screens. Manage the calls, connections, IM, SMS, etc. The VSS-1 also includes a wireless keyboard & mouse as another control alternative.

What model Cisco Tandberg system do you have or need? Complete this form for more information  

Click on this link for a live demo of the VSS-1 Super Skype System

Catalog, Discount Price List & Cart Link - for the VSS-1 System


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