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Can I see how much bandwidth a video call is using?  - This shows you how to check bandwidth usage during a call - for Windows based PC's/Laptops, etc.

How much bandwidth does Skype need? - This also shows you how to check bandwidth between two sites that are online in advance of a call. Here's a recap - for Windows based PC's/Laptops, etc.

1. In the Contacts list, select the contact you wish to call.

2. In the call window, click the Check settings button.

3. In the Connection tab, click Test Now.

4. Skype will test the internet connection between you and your contact and display the results.

How much upload and download bandwidth is available at your location with your device? Test it with these tools:

  1. for Windows based PC's/Laptops - www.speedtest.net
    •     You can also use this utility to test bandwidth between from your location to most other areas of the world.
  2. for Apple and Android devices - http://www.speedtest.net/mobile.php

How much bandwidth do you need for a Polycom videoconference call? It's roughly the same as for Skype. Here's information from the 2009 Polycom Network Planning Worksheet. "The bandwidth required at the bridge equals the aggregate bandwidth of all the endpoints served by the bridge at any given time. In other words, if a particular bridge serves five endpoints, you will need 5 x the bandwidth required by each endpoint at the bridge location. For example, if five endpoints called into the bridge at 1Mbps each, the total amount of bandwidth needed at the bridge location is 5Mbps. Remember that different types of calls require different amounts of bandwidth: "

Voice caller 64Kbps
CIF caller (non-HD endpoints) 128Kbps
4CIF caller, or SD caller (ex: QDX 6000) 256Kbps
HD caller at 720p, 30fps 1Mbps
HD caller at 720p, 60fps 2Mbps
HD caller at 1080p, 30fps 4Mbps

Polycom has just announced a new PathView Cloud service - on Sept 1, 2011 - so we can now offer two options SMB and Enterprise:

These tools and services let you quickly and continually assess the status & impact of videoconferencing & bandwidth on your network.

  • The SMB option includes the cloud application, software services subscription, and an appliance which will remote monitor 1-10 locations.
  • The Enterprise option includes the cloud application, software service subscription and an appliance will remote monitor 1-40 locations.

The micro-appliance and cloud based service allows you to measure the total capacity, utilization, and ability of any network to deliver performance critical applications such as voice, video, virtualization, IP storage, and cloud based services. You get accurate performance visibility across any Local Area Network, private Wide Area Network, or the public Internet, without capturing or impacting existing traffic.

  1. Here's the link to more info and pricing for the new Polycom services
  2. Click here for a custom discount pricing quotation for your network planning and monitoring application


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